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clean exhaust, clean ocean

Yacht owner satisfaction is often leading in choosing an exhaust after treatment system. Greasy deposits in swimming water, the smell of diesel fuel and a stained deck must be prohibited at all time. Especially because yachts tend to moor for longer periods of time, a well-functioning filter is neccesairy to keep the yacht and its surrounding clean and enjoyable. 

reduce emission from generator sets

Generator sets are essential for a comfortable and safe stay on board. However, this comfort can be compromised when the use of a generator leads to yacht users experiencing particulates in the air, stains on deck or the smell of diesel around them. Fitting an exhaust after treatment system will prevent this and guarantee a comfortable and clean stay on board.

reduce emission from propulsion engines

With a traditional yet efficient design, the propulsion engine has been used for many decades to provide a reliable source of motion which has enabled a quicker and safer method of transport and freight. For over more than a century, diesel engines specifically have been used because of their cost-effectiveness and reliability.

zero NOX system for IMO TIER 3

Our modular NOx System for diesel engines in generator set applications offers reliable reduction of NOx to comply with the IMO Tier III NOx requirements for certain Emission Control Areas which are effective per January 1st 2016. NOx is reduced by Selective Catalystic Reduction (SCR) with use of UREA (Ad Blue) injection in the exhaust stream.


do you need an exhaust filter system?

shore power converter
power management
dock power

hybrid power solutions

* serial and parallel hybrid propulsion
* diesel electric propulsion
* peak-shaving application
* variable speed shaft generator

Our unique approach delivers maximum efficiency, reduced size and weight, and continual improvements for customers.
Our sophisticated software controls and optimizes each individual component of an electric or hybrid drivetrain leading to much more intelligent management of power distribution.

go with hybrid

Editron system including energy production, DC link and energy consumption. Editron cuts the volume and weight of the equipment into half and saves operational costs.

customized switchboard


* custom paint
* custom metaril
* silk screen print

user friendly

* user friendly design
* 7/24 remote support
* world wide service


* factory acceptance test
* classification survey test
* onboard functional test
* all reported



power distribution
power management

Every project is unique. Every project needs carefully design according to specific requirements of application characteristic and the customer demands. Design to be match classification societies and other common rules. We carefully manage the design process like in house design bureau of yours.


MARINEL is also an electrical installation company. We know installation is one of the the important part of the project. Even you have a very good design if you do not have a high quality electricans during installation you missed a big piece of success. We are your reliable partner electrical installation on board.



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